Heavy Commercial Motor Policy

Heavy Commercial Motor Policy

NTI’s Heavy Commercial Motor Policy delivers premium cover at a value-for-money price, including:

  • up to $100,000 liability cover for damage to your leased or rented business
  • depots by your own vehicles
  • up to $5,000 automatic cover for tarps, gates, chains and chain dogs
  • up to $,1,000 automatic cover for tools and spare parts
  • automatic cover for built-in radios, CBs, TVs, CD players, fridges and fixed phones
  • in the vehicle
  • unlimited sign writing
  • free legal costs for accident-related claims
  • LPG CNG or other fuel conversion/performance improvement installations
  • Voluntary excess discounts.
  • Trailer in control
  • Third Party Liability, damage caused by hazardous goods.
  • $10m cover for Third Party Liability, damage caused by your motor vehicle including loading & unloading
  • Up to $2.5m Terrorism cover for loss or damage occurring directly to vehicles from one act of terrorism.

For more information on NTI’s range of insurance products, talk to your Broker or Authorised Representative.

NTI is managed by NTI New Zealand Limited as agent for IAG New Zealand Limited as insurer.
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